What is Dead Scare?

Dead Scare: A Tabletop RPG by Elsa S. Henry Cover Image

Dead Scare is a game of 1950s housewives and their children fighting through a land of blood spattered white picket fences armed with their wits… and frying pans. The United States has been attacked! Will you build your community with your neighbors or will you hoard your canned goods inside the bomb shelter out back? Are there spies in your midst waiting to cause trouble? And whatever happened to your husband, who went into the city the day the attack happened?

Remember, you’re better dead than Zed.
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About Elsa S. Henry

Elsa S. Henry is a game designer and fiction writer from New Jersey. Her work has been in the award winning Dracula Dossier, Blue Rose, Threadbare, and upcoming projects like the Fate Accessibility Toolkit and Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition. Her fiction is featured on Fireside Fiction Magazine, and in GHOST IN THE COGS and UPSIDE DOWN. She’s been an industry insider at Gen Con, and a GoH at Orcacon, as well as a speaker at GeekGirlCon and Metatopia.